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Sway natural

Influence the gender of your future child.
Science backed and natural. 

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‘After my son, I really wanted to have a baby girl, and I wanted to do so naturally’

Dr Julia Carless

Founder, Sway natural

Welcome to Sway natural, your one stop shop for science-based gender swaying (What is Gender Swaying?).


Backed by over a decade of research, we are passionate about assisting families in their very personal  journey to sway for a baby girl or boy. Did you know that a mother's diet before pregnancy can influence the gender of her baby?


For decades, the focus of gender swaying was on the timing of intercourse, but this is now considered antiquated. Science tells us that the most influential factor is likely the mother's diet before conception, with the potential to boost success rates from approx. 50% to up to 80%.

Gender Swaying through diet can increase the chances of conceiving a girl or boy to up to over 80%

At Sway natural, we provide the knowledge and tools to navigate your gender swaying journey, with a focus on diet. Our meal plans, crafted by fertility dietitians, make gender swaying easy while ensuring a balanced, healthy diet before pregnancy.

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Start your Sway natural journey with us:


Clear Gender Swaying Guidance: Confused by conflicting advice from your GP, obstetrician, or naturopath? Overwhelmed by a sea of information on the internet and social media? We bring clarity amidst the chaos. At Sway natural, you get straightforward, up-to-date, and science-backed insights on gender swaying, eliminating guesswork.


All-In-One Resources & Tools: We offer a comprehensive look at all gender swaying factors, equipping you with the tools to optimize your chances for conceiving a girl or a boy. From insights on timing to a detailed diet guide with color-coded tables, as well as dietitian-approved meal plans and recipes, we've got everything in one place.


Empower Your Diet & Well-being: Adjusting your diet? Turn this journey into a gateway for superior eating habits, enhanced fertility, and a foundation for a thriving pregnancy.

We are offering our support every step on the way. Let's do this!

How does it work?

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Follow these 5 easy steps to sway for your dream girl or boy

1 - Discover

Learn about gender swaying 

Follow guidance for approx. 12 weeks 

4 - Start trying

Start trying to fall pregnant

5 - Fall pregnant

Yay! Change diet back, rebalance minerals and find out your baby's gender

Start your Conceive a Girl or Boy Plan

Our Conceive a Girl Plan and Conceive a Boy Plan includes all the guidance you need to confidently sway your way towards your dream baby girl or boy. 

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Sway natural follows a strictly science-based approach, committed to dispelling myths and old wives' tales around gender swaying.


  • Backed by a decade of research and collaboration with leading scientific institutions, we are at the forefront of gender swaying research, focusing on diet as it holds the strongest evidence for influencing gender outcomes.

  • Studies over the last decades on humans and animals consistently demonstrate a connection between a mother's preconception diet and the baby's gender. By adjusting dietary practices, according to research, it is possible to influence reproductive tract conditions and increase the likelihood of a specific gender, with success rates of up to 80% in studies. We collaborate with leading registered dietitians to offer well-balanced food plans tailored for gender swaying, be it for a girl or boy.


  • While Sway natural primarily focuses on providing diet solutions, we complement our advice with science-backed guidance on other gender swaying factors. Our goal is to empower individuals and couples on their journey toward achieving their ideal family balance.


Join us and discover how we can help you achieve your gender swaying goals!

Resources & Tools

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Ask us Anything

We are here to help. Please let us know your questions around gender swaying, the Girl or Boy Diet, the science behind it, other factors or anything else on your mind. Reach out to us by submitting your question through our contact form or by emailing us directly at

We've also compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you get the answers you need quickly.

If you don't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Customer Voices

Marianne, Australia

"I was so lost trying to navigate the complex world of gender swaying. With so many conflicting theories and suggestions, I felt completely overwhelmed! But discovering Sway natural has been a game-changer for me. It's amazing to have all the information I need in one place, and I can't thank them enough for simplifying this journey!"

Silvia, California

"Before discovering Sway natural, I was intrigued by diet-based gender swaying but found it incredibly challenging to put into practice. I'm beyond grateful that Sway natural provided the perfect support and resources to make this approach not only manageable but also straightforward. Their guidance has truly made all the difference!"

Yvonne, Australia

"I love Sway natural's science-led approach to gender balance families, offering reliable information and guidance. Their non-judgmental support for women and families is highly appreciated. I highly recommend Sway natural for their dedication to accurate information, research-based methods, and supportive guidance."
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