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Boost Your Chances to Conceive 
Your Dream Girl or Boy.

Science-backed, responsible, simple. 

How to conceive a baby girl or boy - happy mama holding her dream gender baby

Did you know that science suggests you can increase your chances of conceiving a preferred gender
from 50% to up to 80% through natural means?

Julia Carless - Founder - How to conceive a Girl or Boy / natural gender swaying

‘After my son, I really wanted to have a baby girl, and I wanted to do so naturally’

Dr Julia Carless

Founder, Sway natural

Welcome to Sway natural, your One-Stop-Shop for science-backed Gender Swaying. 


A Shared Dream 

Are you dreaming of both a boy's and a girl's laughter in your home? You are not alone. Many share this dream, and we truly understand.


The Science of Gender Swaying

Gender Swaying – using natural methods to increase the chances of conceiving a preferred gender – has been a subject of interest for centuries.


  • Cutting-edge Research: Modern advancements indicate potential ways to naturally sway these odds.

  • Our Dedication: For 10 years, we've delved into research, data, and expert consultations.

  • Your Clarity: We offer precise insights, breaking down what's known and still unknown, giving you clear, fact-based guidance.


Navigating the World of Gender Swaying

The Gender Swaying journey can feel like a maze, especially with all the misinformation, conflicting advice and personal opinions floating around.

That's where we step in.


  • Our Mission: To simplify the complexities of gender swaying into actionable steps, always keeping your overall fertility, health, and well-being in mind.

  • All-in-One Resource: We provide all the information, methods, and resources you need in one place, offering state-of-the-art, innovative, and exclusive tools.

  • Journey with Clarity: This not only brings clarity to your journey but also saves you time, energy, and money, enabling you to make confident and well-informed decisions.

Focus on Diet

Recognizing diet as a crucial factor in Gender Swaying, we've joined forces with leading fertility dietitians to develop one-of-a-kind Meal Plans. These are complemented by comprehensive Gender Swaying Food Guides, Quick Food Look-Ups, and a wide range of Recipes. These resources are tailored to enhance your chances of conceiving a girl or a boy, while also preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy.

Start Your Swaying Journey today

How does it work?

Steps to conceive a gir_edited.jpg

Follow these 5 easy steps to sway for your dream girl or boy

1 - Pick your journey

What are you dreaming of - Girl or Boy

Gender Swaying aims to increase your chances of conceiving your preferred 


Discover Gender Swaying: Become a member and access 30+ Swaying Factors for free - insights and guidance included!

Sign up to Gender Swaying Masterclasses to get the facts, tips & tricks for key Swaying Factors / Methods.

4 - Adapt your diet

Diet is the key factor in Gender Swaying. Get all the tools to adapt your diet before trying to conceive.

5 - Fall pregnant

Yay! Congratulations. Now just enjoy this next chapter of your life. Gender Swaying aims to increase your chances of conceiving your preferred gender. If your sway is not successful, we give you your money back. 

Start Your Swaying Journey today

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