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$129 USD - Approx. $190 AUD - 115 € - £ 99


Your Girl Swaying Plan - Comprehensive Features:


Exclusive Unlimited Access: Enjoy access to all our tools, resources, and features, meticulously crafted to guide your girl-swaying journey.


Quick Reference Overview: Gain immediate access to a panoramic overview of the 30+ most commonly discussed gender swaying methods. This at-a-glance guide makes the confusing world of gender swaying effortlessly accessible.


Swaying Factors Deep Dive: Explore each of the 30+ popular gender swaying methods in detail. We shed light on their origins, what sways for a girl, and weigh the evidence behind them, from strong theories to interesting folklore.


Swaying Masterclass ©: Delve into the most promising gender swaying techniques. Every Masterclass dissects the science and application behind these methods and concludes with a handy 'In a Nutshell' summary, giving you quick insights. We also provide a ‘Nutshells in a Nutshell’ summary of all key points of the Masterclasses.


Swaying Matrix ©: Our innovative tool makes your decisions clear and informed. We evaluate 30+ swaying methods based on their scientific evidence and controllability.


Personalized Swaying Action List: Transform knowledge into tangible steps. Choose your preferred methods and craft a detailed checklist tailored just for you, guiding you every step of the way.


Foundations of Fertility: Grasp the basics of conception, fertility, and the role of hormones in your journey.


• Diet-Based Gender Swaying: Explore the compelling science and studies highlighting the link between a mother's preconception diet and the gender of her baby. Discover the specific minerals that play a key role in this fascinating correlation.


Essential Timing Knowledge: Uncover the key insights about the best times for conception.


Ovulation Tracking Guidance: With tools and expert insights, you can track your ovulation with precision.


Sperm Count Advice: Get valuable advice to maintain an optimal sperm count.


Intimacy Practices Guidance: Learn techniques and get recommendations for effective intimacy practices.


Mastering pH Advice: Get expert recommendations to achieve the ideal pH for gender swaying.


Comprehensive Food Guide: Your go-to resource on what foods to embrace and which to avoid for a girl sway. Offers clear advice, quick lookup tables, and meal tips for both at home and dining out. Available as an online version and a more detailed print version.


Quick Food Look Up: A dynamic tool revealing the 'swaying mineral' content of over 700 common foods, perfect for swift meal planning. Information is provided per 100g and per regular Portion Size.


Detailed Shopping Lists: Organize your meal planning with comprehensive shopping lists.


Dietitian-Crafted Meal Plans: Dive into our meticulously crafted 2-week meal plan, specially designed and endorsed by a fertility dietitian. This tailored plan ensures you're on track, offering daily and weekly overviews to keep you aligned.


Over 80 Girl-Swaying Recipes & Snacks: A treasure trove of exclusive recipes & snacks, including those within the meal plan, each crafted with precision. Every recipe comes with a nutritional breakdown and detailed descriptions.


Practical Cooking and Preparation Tips: Empower your cooking sessions with insightful advice, ranging from effective meal prep to optimizing leftover use, ensuring meal readiness.


Supplement Guidance: Get straightforward recommendations on which supplements might aid in your girl-swaying endeavor.


Blood Test Support: Harness our expert guidance for blood tests to monitor.


Premium Content Access: Enjoy over 160 pages (PDF) of high-quality, printable content supporting your sway journey, alongside an online/mobile-friendly version for electronic access to meal plans and recipes—equipped with a portion size adjustment feature.


Downloadable Resources & Tools: Enhance your sway journey with an expanding array of tools and guides, including our Ovulation Tracker and Printable Food Guides.


Continuous Recipe Additions: As a valued member, regularly receive new recipes that further support your girl-swaying journey.


Community & Support: Immerse yourself in our dedicated community. Exchange stories, gain mutual inspiration, and remain driven throughout your girl-swaying endeavor.


Dedicated Support Groups: Apart from our main community forum, you have the unique opportunity to engage with smaller, dedicated support groups for a more intimate and focused experience.


Your Distinct Advantage: Save precious time, eliminate gender swaying confusion, and benefit from unbiased, straightforward, and responsible guidance on this exceptional journey.


Don't miss this unique opportunity! Harness the power of science, community, and expert guidance today to maximize your chances in your girl-swaying journey. Act now and embark on the path to making your dream a reality.


Thank you, we are honoured to support you. Happy swaying!



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Your Girl Sway Plan

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