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The Science of Motherly Instincts: The Desire to Conceive a Girl Daughter After Two Sons

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Understand the motives behind wanting a baby girl
Explore the motives behind wanting a baby girl after having two sons

Why It's Natural to Desire a Daughter After Two Sons

Many families, especially those with two boys, dream of having a baby girl. If you find yourself yearning for a daughter, rest assured that your feelings are valid and entirely natural. Embrace the opportunity to pursue your family dream, unswayed by other people's judgments.

Implicit Association Test Reveals Mothers' Innate Preference for Daughters

Scientific research supports the natural inclination for mothers to want daughters. A study conducted by Lynch (2018) employed the Implicit Association Test to investigate parents' gender preferences for their children. The results demonstrated that mothers have a natural tendency to desire daughters. This innate preference highlights the importance of acknowledging and validating your feelings.

The Implicit Association Test used by Lynch (2018) measures the strength of individuals' automatic associations between mental representations of objects in memory. In this study, the test revealed that mothers have an inherent preference for daughters, providing scientific validation for your desire to have a baby girl.

Conceive a girl with Sway Natural

Sway Natural ( offers a research-based methodology designed to increase the likelihood of conceiving a girl, while promoting a healthy lifestyle. The science behind Sway Natural's approach is grounded in numerous studies that examine the influence of lifestyle and diet on the gender of the offspring.

Research has shown that specific nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium, tend to favor female sperm, while potassium-rich foods favor male sperm. By making strategic dietary adjustments, parents-to-be can create an environment more conducive to conceiving a girl.

As a prospective parent, your well-being and happiness are crucial for your family's overall health. Embracing the opportunity to try for a baby girl can be a positive and empowering experience. By pursuing your family dream and understanding the science behind gender swaying, you can confidently make choices that align with your desires.

With the support of science and research, you can pursue your dream of having a baby girl after two boys. The knowledge and resources available at Sway Natural empower you to make informed decisions, so you can focus on creating a happy, healthy family.


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