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Hello, I'm Julia, the founder of Sway natural.


After my son's birth, the dream of having a daughter led me into the captivating world of gender swaying — a subject I've tirelessly researched ever since. My joy in welcoming my baby girl inspired me to share my journey through a website (, which quickly attracted over 200,000 visitors. Their overwhelming response highlighted a profound, universal yearning for this knowledge.

With Sway natural, I aim to elevate and professionalize this offering, giving women access to structured, actionable advice.

About Me:

Deep Academic Background

I earned a PhD from a top university and furthered my education with specialized courses from esteemed institutions like Harvard and INSEAD. My academic training allows me to critically read and interpret complex scientific studies, a skill essential for understanding gender swaying insights.

Real-Life Expertise & Practical Insights

Beyond academics, I've connected with leading experts in gender swaying. Our shared knowledge combines research with real-life practices and insights, offering a holistic perspective on the subject.

Making the Complex Simple

My experience as Strategy Director for global corporations taught me to simplify complexity. I specialize in translating data, research, and complex information into clear, actionable insights. This way, you can get to the ‘so what’ without feeling overwhelmed.

Continuous Learning & Dedication

I am deeply committed to continuous learning. By actively engaging with the latest research and courses, such as Stanford's Nutrition Science, I strive to ensure that the advice you receive is up to date and well-informed.

Commitment to the Cause

I deeply respect the work others have done in the field and celebrate their contributions. My aim is to consolidate the existing knowledge and build upon it, with the hope that we can come together as a global community to further advance our understanding of this complex matter. In my journey, three truths have become clear: the genuine desire many share for gender swaying, the sense of shame too many feel around it, and the confusion it can bring. 

I am here to offer clarity and support. Your questions and aspirations are at the heart of what I do. Together, let's walk this path towards natural gender swaying, armed with knowledge and assurance.


Your journey is important, and I'm honored to be part of it. With a commitment to your success, I invite you to take the first step forward. 💚


Julia after conceiving her girl
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