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The concept behind the 'girl diet' or 'boy diet' according to research: 

Learn the basics 


The concept is simple. You certainly cannot guarantee a certain gender of your child (at least not naturally), however, through your diet, you can increase the probability of the gender outcome

This is called diet based, natural gender swaying


By changing the intake of key minerals through the pre-conceptional diet, the concentration of these minerals in the blood changes, which then increases the odds for conceiving a specific gender. 

You need to change the following minerals in your pre-conceptional

diet to Sway natural for a girl or a boy: 

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Sway pink:

High Magnesium & Calcium

Low Potassium & Sodium

Sway blue:

High Potassium & Sodium

Low Magnesium & Calcium

It is less about the quantities of these minerals, but rather the relationship between them that counts. This should commence approximately 12 weeks before trying to conceive. 

There is limited evidence that suggests that the father needs to change his diet too. 

While there is some understanding of this phenomenon with animals, the mechanisms by which diet influences sex selection in humans remains unclear. We know that changes in the diet changes the concentration of these minerals in the blood. It is assumed that this induces ionic and/or hormonal changes that influence the cervical mucus or the oocyte, which then influences which sperm can fertilise the egg. 

'The balance between sodium and potassium versus calcium and magnesium could change the receptors of the oocyte wall to favor the attraction of either a male or female sperm.


When there is a high sodium and potassium intake, and a low calcium and magnesium in the female’s diet, the oocyte wall will change to attract the (y-sperm). While, more calcium and magnesium in the blood and a low sodium and potassium will attract the (x-sperm).'

Although the exact mechanism isn't fully understood yet, there's solid scientific evidence that your diet can sway your baby's gender. So, if adjusting your eating habits in a healthy way could increase the odds of having a boy or girl, why wouldn't you give it a try?

Simply follow the food guide as part of a balanced, nutritious diet, or buy our detailed food guide, with helpful tables and details plus a 2 week meal plan and over 80 recipes, and start your swaying journey with Sway natural.

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