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Unlocking food's power to build balanced family compositions.

Welcome to Sway Co Pty Ltd, where we're inspired by research showing the potential of natural methods to influence gender outcomes. We understand and support the desire many families have to have both girls and boys, recognizing the benefits for social development, family dynamics and society as a whole.

At Sway Co, we're fascinated by the role that pre-conceptional food, particularly the minerals it contains, can play in shaping gender outcomes. We believe it's a valid aspiration to leverage this knowledge responsibly, empowering women to pursue their preferences while setting them up for healthy pregnancies and fostering lifelong healthy eating habits.

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Our company comprises three brands:

Sway Co Pty Ltd proudly presents two harmonized brands: Gender Sway, our original trusted name in gender swaying, and its rebranded counterpart, Sway natural. Both brands offer identical services, including the acclaimed Eat Sway Love program, which features detailed dietary guidance, meal plans, and recipes, all developed in collaboration with fertility dietitians. 

Gender Sway

Gender Sway Logo

Eat Sway Love

Eat Sway Love Logo

Sway natural

Sway natural Logo

Join us at Sway Co Pty Ltd as we empower individuals to navigate their gender swaying journey with confidence, knowledge, and a commitment to holistic well-being 🌟 👧 👦💚.

Please reach out for any questions or comments, we love to hear from you!

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