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Boost Your Chances to Conceive 
Your Dream Girl or Boy.

Science-backed & Made Simple.

According to science you can increase your chances of conceiving a preferred gender from 50% to up to 80%. 

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Welcome to Sway natural!

A Common Dream

Dreaming of having a girl or boy? Maybe you already have a child of one gender and would love to have the opposite next? This is a common wish. In fact, we know from our global customer base, 94% of women with 2 boys or more have researched how to have a girl. We understand.

Science-backed. All in one place

Cutting through gender swaying myths and disinformation, we consolidate all essential information by providing evidence-backed strategies and tools. Our clear, step-by-step guidance, tips, and tricks empower your journey, and can boost your chances of conceiving your desired gender from 50% to over 80%.

The Power of Food

Food plays a key role in gender swaying, backed more robustly by science than any other factor. That’s why we have partnered with leading fertility dietitians to develop powerful swaying tools around food. These not only boost your chances of conceiving your desired gender but also prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy, promoting overall fertility and well-being

We are excited to support you on your gender swaying journey. Please reach out to us with any questions at 💚.

How it works

Steps to conceive a girl or boy

Follow these 5 easy steps to sway for your dream girl or boy.

1 - Pick Your Journey

What are you dreaming of: Girl or Boy

4 - Eat Your Sway

Follow our delicious & easy food guide, meal plans and recipes.

5 - Fall Pregnant

Yay! Congratulations. What a magical milestone. Enjoy this next chapter of your life.

Use our tools to define your own step-by-step gender swaying journey. 

Start Your Swaying Journey today

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