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The Concept

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The concept behind the 'girl diet' or 'boy diet' according to research: 

Learn the basics.

The concept is simple: While you cannot guarantee the gender of your child naturally, you can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving the desired gender outcome through your diet. This approach is known as natural, diet-based gender swaying.


By adjusting the intake of key minerals in your pre-conceptional diet, you actively change the mineral concentration in your blood, which directly enhances the odds for conceiving the specific gender you're hoping for.


Required Mineral Adjustments

To sway naturally for a girl or a boy, you need to adjust the following minerals in your pre-conceptional diet:

  • For a Girl: Increase Magnesium and Calcium & Decrease Sodium and Potassium

  • For a Boy: Increase Sodium and Potassium & Decrease Magnesium and Calcium


It's crucial to focus on the balance between these minerals, not merely their amounts. Begin making these dietary changes approximately 10-12 weeks before attempting conception to allow your body to adapt to the new mineral levels. Alternatively, reach out to us to conduct a blood test to know when you are ready for conception. 


How It Works

The minerals in your diet can significantly affect the environment of your reproductive system. Simply put, the minerals in your blood level influence which sperm has a higher chance to fertilize the egg.


Research states: "The balance between sodium and potassium versus calcium and magnesium could change the receptors of the oocyte wall to favor the attraction of either a male or female sperm. When there is a high sodium and potassium intake, and a low calcium and magnesium in the female’s diet, the oocyte wall will change to attract the (y-sperm). Conversely, more calcium and magnesium in the blood and a low sodium and potassium will attract the (x-sperm)."


This scientific insight shows that the mineral balance influences the biochemical conditions around the egg, effectively swaying the likelihood towards attracting either X or Y chromosome sperm.


Why This Approach?

Using a natural, diet-based strategy to influence your baby's gender allows you to take an active role in family planning. It empowers you to use scientifically-backed methods in a safe and non-invasive way, enhancing your chances of achieving your desired family structure.


Limitations of Supplements

Simply taking mineral supplements is not enough to gender sway. Achieving the precise balance and interaction between these minerals through a holistic diet is essential for influencing the biochemical environment necessary for your desired outcome.


Start Your Gender Swaying Journey with Sway natural

If you're ready to explore how dietary changes can influence the gender of your future child, Sway natural provides extensive resources to guide you. Our detailed food guides, food tables, specialized meal plans, and recipes are designed to ensure you achieve the optimal mineral balance necessary for gender swaying. These resources support your gender preference goals while promoting a nutritionally rich diet that benefits overall health and fertility.

Join our supportive community today and start your journey towards planning your family with confidence and scientific support. 💚 Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media for continuous insights and guidance.

To increase your chances of conceiving a girl (Opposite for Boy):

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