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Your Conceive a Girl or Boy Plan

Our Conceive a Girl and Conceive a Boy Plan includes all the guidance you need to confidently, step-by-step sway your way towards your dream baby girl or boy. 


Both plans provide:

  • Detailed Food Guide that navigates you through diverse food categories, educating you about food choices essential for the Girl or Boy Diet, including quick look-up tables and handy tips and tricks

  • Comprehensive 2-week meal plan developed and certified by a registered Dietitan (specialising in Fertility & Pregnancy) with a wide variety of recipes

  • Nutritional information for each recipe, as well as for the entire day and weekly overview

  • Shopping lists to simplify your grocery shop

  • Tips & tricks for smart cooking: Leverage meal prepping and leftover use

  • Additional recipes to complement and extend your diet options: Over 80 delicious and easy-to-follow recipes and snacks (including the ones within the meal plan) 

  • Over 160 pages (PDF) of rich quality, printable content to support your sway journey

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